Moduplus Indoor Portfolio

In a circular economy we create things we can use over and over again

That’s why we created the moduplus system, a seat system with just two elements .With only a seat and a back you have everything you need to arrange a space. You can easily create a poof, armchair, couch, corner couch, lounger, daybed a seat island or any imaginable creation. The separate elements can be attached by using metal brackets, there’s no need for tools and with the adjustable feet you can set the system at the most functional height. When you need a new setup everything can easily be taken apart and used again.

Moduplus is also one of the most durable constructed seating systems created; First of all moduplus is designed to reuse the elements over and over again but it can also be recovered and at the end of the life cycle all materials can be taken apart and reused or recycled. We also offer to collect every piece sold after it’s lifecycle whenever that will be… Due to the use of an EPP foam body the elements are light weight and very easy to handle. Production and transport is low cost and takes less energy.

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