M+2 sustainable modular seat system

M+2 is a modular seating system based on a 2-seater that is very versatile

The system consists of a back, a seat and an armrest that can be connected to a metal (or wooden) base frame in a number of ways.

A left or right corner is easily constructed in this way, but there are many more possible arrangements:

  1. a base consisting only of a seat
  2. a seat with a back
  3. a seat with a back and an armrest

The soft base elements can be upholstered using one of many different fabrics or leather and the upholstery can be easily replaced.
All parts are replaceable and thanks to the high quality materials used the couch can last decades.
The couch is surprisingly comfortable, even without cushions.

The system can be expanded with several options, including a table or a privacy screen for use in projects.
It is an affordable and multi-functional system suited for use in the home or in projects, and created to be able to be reused endlessly.

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